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Bigotry is Contagious and Its On Me – Ateeya Manzoor

March 9th, 2017 · No Comments · Journal

For those of you who don’t believe bigotry is contagious, take a look at the Facebook Likes of the alleged shooter from yesterday’s Mosque attack in Quebec. IN QUEBEC, CANADA.


This kid opened fire killed an estimated 39 people, killing 6 and wounding 8. These people were PRAYING. Last June, someone dropped off a pig’s head at the front door of the mosque.


I know many of you are tired of hearing my Islamophobia rants. I wish I didn’t have to talk about them. I wish I didn’t have to witness them.


My question to all of you is what side of history do you want to be on with this? Yes, every group has had it’s time for persecution, but that argument trivializes the plight of the persecuted.


Islamophobia isn’t a liberal rant and Muslims aren’t the current liberal cause at the moment. This shit is real and it is personal. We are people with families and lives being affected by this. We are afraid.


The fact that only 7 of 57 muslim countries was banned is NOT the point. Go tell that to the Muslims currently being detained that are NOT from the 7. Also, please explain why Trump tweeted and openly confirmed that he’d make protecting the Christians from the 7 countries a priority? This is a Muslim ban.


Narrowing down the ban to 7 countries was a way to make the Muslim ban legal. Rudy Giuliani confirmed it openly on Fox LIVE yesterday. Watch him say it ON LIVE TELEVISION.

Calling it anything else is a blatant lie or a failure to own the problem.


Is it a coincidence or conspiracy theory that the Muslim ban was enacted on Holocaust Memorial Day? Absolutely not. It is a message and a warning of more to come. We have waterboarding and secret prisons back on the discussion table. These are not conspiracies but FACTS.

So what’s my point? It may shock you.

This is on me. I take 100% of the responsibility.

Why? Because anything else renders me powerless, which is the very least thing I AM.


Here’s what I know to be true and will carry forward:


I accept my role in the current affairs of the world, through staying silent or not being unreasonable in my demand a greater world.

I accept that the ability to change the world lays firmly in my own hands.

I own the fact that we are not victims.

I own the fact that I do not have to agree with everyone, however, can still live in harmony and full self-expression.

I commit to not getting caught up in blame or shame, but to own everything as my own.

I commit to creating a world better world.

I commit to staying wide awake.

I will do so as follows:









Educating my friends, neighbours and opponents.

Listening to my friends, neighbours and opponents.

Paying attention to what is happening and not getting distracted.



We keep talking about a much needed revolution. THIS IS IT. History will judge us for how we act NOW.

A revolution doesn’t require a storming of an ivory tower or a beheading. It requires a sudden change in thought and perspective.


MY REVOLUTION starts today. This is on me. Please join me.

And thank you and much love to my non-muslims friends who have been so supportive and kind. This is a nightmare for us all and it helps having friends who are lending their hearts and shoulders. You represent the best of humanity.




My name is Ateeya Manzoor and I am a Managing Director of Mayfair Management Group.

My core gift is to convert and fully realize potential. I believe in a unique ability to see things when others may not. My talent is to anchor in businesses requiring structure or a fresh perspective.


My commitment to realizing potential extends in my philanthropic work as well. Through my numerous charitable causes, talks, writings and mentorship, I am committed showing those who struggle that there is always a way to ascend. I am currently working on my first book.

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